ERA Services

ERA has many products and services to help the owner sell their house or property faster and to give more benefit to buyer whom dealing with ERA.

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Electronic Integrated System (EIS)

A computer data bank of property exclusive and open listings which can be accessed in every ERA Member Broker's office. This property will be promoted and marketed by every Member Broker as well as thousands of Marketing Associates.

ERA Official Website (

ERA provide extensive contents of database search engine of listings to broaden the expose of property. The presence of ERA official website benefits our agents and clients.

ERA Referral

ERA has over than thousands offices and Brokers and Marketing Associates in more than 40 countries which draw referrals from an international and national market that promises unlimited potential buyers.

Integrated Promotion

ERA will promote your property through marketing activities, such as brochures distribution to potential buyers, poster/banner/or "For Sale / For Rent" signage to be placed in your property, banner of open house program (show the property directly to potential buyer on special occasion), advertisement through public media and ERA Property Guide (bimonthly catalog which is freely given to potential buyer), direct mailing to potential buyers and auction.

Property Ownership Credit Program

Through good relationship with Banks, ERA helps you searching for alternative funds for your property.

ERA House Insurance

As a homebuyer, you will receive a FREE valuable coverage on fire insurance from PT Asuransi Sinar Mas (ASM) "preferred alliance of ERA" after you sign the contract (PPJB), for one-year period.

ERA SMS - Whatsapp Blast

With ERA SMS (Short Message Service), Member Broker and Marketing Associate could get the latest news from headquarter regarding current property information.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Through CMA, the property will be reasonably priced which reflects the current market condition.