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ERA Indonesia opens opportunities for perongan and companies to join as Member Brokers are office owners or professionals who open offices and pursue property marketing business in the country. Equipped with operational tools, Member Broker is directed to be able to become an independent entrepreneur in managing and developing property marketing services businesses such as Selling, Buying and Leasing. "Blueprint for Success", a typical ERA Indonesia training program that trains Member Brokers on how to run their business successfully.

The material provided in this training is the basics needed to start a property marketing business including Budget Planning, Market Analysis, Managing Finance, Directing and Motivating Marketing Associates.

ERA Indonesia Products and Services are supporting facilities outside the training obtained by Member Brokers in accelerating and facilitating the process of selling, buying and renting property. Member Brokers must be able to recruit professionals with the spirit of entrepreneurs known as Marketing Associates who act as the spearhead of marketing to face the sellers and buyers. Marketing Associates are professional assets of Member Brokers.


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ERA Indonesia prepares and supports all Marketing Associate until they are ready independently to operate in the field. "Sales System Training" provided by ERA Indonesia strives to develop the Professional Associate's professional potential. This training covers detailed methods and techniques in the process of buying and selling property and its follow-up actions.

All ERA Indonesia products and services provide opportunities for Marketing Associates to smooth their jobs as property agents. ERA Indonesia opens opportunities for Marketing Associates to achieve unlimited income levels.